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empty white interior with parquet floor and three panoramic windows

Current Kitchen Remodeling Trends

If you’re planning to put your property among the homes for sale in Lake Chelan soon, you may want to go through your kitchen to check for elements that feel outdated or are in need of repairs or replacement. Many homebuyers consider a gr...

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Activities for every season in Lake Chelan, WA

Lake Chelan, WA offers a diverse assortment of exciting activities, attractions, and events all year round. If you’re looking to experience the best of what Lake Chelan has to offer, here are some suggestions: Go Wine Tasting There�...

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Houses and jetties on the shores of Chelan Lake

Things to do in Lake Chelan, WA during autumn

For many of those who live in Lake Chelan, WA, seeing leaves turn red and gold is an experience they always anticipate. While the sight is spectacular in and by itself, autumn also heralds autumn’s arrival and the many activities that com...

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Vineyard during Fall

Harvest Season happenings in Lake Chelan, WA

Living in Lake Chelan offers many advantages, one of which is an easy access to the activities and attractions that pop up in celebration of the annual harvests. Here are some of the activities you can check out once the harvest season r...

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Lake Chelan photo

Living the dream in Lake Chelan, WA

With its laid-back idyllic setting, great family-friendly environment, robust economy, and array of incredible attractions and destinations, it’s no wonder why so many people are drawn to Lake Chelan Valley’s charm. Beyond its id...

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close up shot of sommelier pouring red wine from bottle in glass

Exploring the wineries of Lake Chelan, WA

For decades, Lake Chelan Wine Valley has delighted countless wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs with its selection of award-winning wineries run by some of the most talented winemakers and vineyardists in the country. Wine lovers get acce...

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group of people eating together

Post-lake visits restaurants to try

No doubt, most visitors come to Lake Chelan to enjoy the numerous activities in and around the beautiful lake. And there's nothing quite like a long day of beach fun to rev up your appetite for a delicious and rejuvenating meal. Fortunat...

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