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lakeside patio

How to prepare your Lake Chelan home for rent

With scenic views of the lake and mountains, fun water activities, and a wide range of outdoor recreational activities, Lake Chelan has long been a popular holiday destination in Washington State and all around the country. Its fanta...

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houses on chelan lake

Types of waterfront properties in Lake Chelan

The benefits of living near a body of water – whether ocean, river, or lake – are well known. These include  fresh air, better sleep, access to a variety of recreational activities, and if you're lucky, scenic or calming views. All lea...

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happy real estate agent showing a property

Benefits of working with a Realtor in Chelan, WA

Lake Chelan real estate is an absolutely thriving, buzzing market that is rich in housing options. With that territory comes plenty of competition whether you are buying or selling a home. It does not help that the Lake Chelan area is stead...

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dream home

Why you should buy a luxury home In Chelan, WA

The thought of purchasing a luxury home might have crossed your mind at some point. We understand; owning a luxury home is like rewarding yourself for all that hard work, a symbol that you’ve finally made it. There are also the practical ...

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Tips on buying new construction homes in Chelan, WA

While it takes more effort to build a new home rather than buy an existing one, the rewards can be great. Uppermost, is that you get to design your property exactly the way you see fit so that it perfectly matches your vision. If you’re b...

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outdoor oasis

5 ways to make your home feel like an outdoor oasis

Spending time in nature is a known balm for the soul. We relish being surrounded by trees, fresh air, and an open sky, so it’s no wonder outdoorsy homes are prevalent. Introducing natural elements can transform any structure into a re...

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