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Why buy a vacation home in Lake Chelan, Washington State

the perfect retreat for some rest and relaxation

A vacation home is on the list of many people’s dream purchases. It’s simply the perfect setup; you get a home to call your own, furnished just the way you like, and located in a place that you know you’ll always love and keep coming back to for the years to come. You won’t need to stress about finding accommodations in the holiday spot that’s practically become a tradition in your family, because your vacation home will be there waiting for you.

If you’ve ever set foot in or laid eyes on Lake Chelan in Washington state, then you know why the area is fast becoming a favorite among people who love the outdoors.

Here are just a few reasons why you might want to explore the Lake Chelan real estate market to find your own vacation home.

  1. The weather is amazing
  2. Summer is still the best time to visit Lake Chelan, with mid-June to late August being the best times to enjoy its warmth, but feel free to explore it any time of the year; the area enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year, setting it apart from the rest of Washington state.

  3. Endless opportunities for outdoor fun
  4. Whether it’s summer or winter, there’s plenty you can do at Lake Chelan. Summer makes it possible for you to go hiking, camping, fishing, boating, and swimming to your heart’s content. During wintertime, the area transforms into the ideal place for activities such as skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling.

  5. The small-town charm
  6. From walking trails around town to parks, wineries, and farmers’ markets, being in Lake Chelan will give you the breather you need, taking you away from the breakneck pace of city living and reconnecting you with what’s important.

  7. The great investment opportunity
  8. If you own a home in Lake Chelan, you might want to consider renting it out on occasion. The area sees a lot of tourists during the warmer months; for example, the community of Chelan has a population of only 4,000, but swells to 25,000 during the peak summer months. Your Lake Chelan vacation home in Washington state can serve as comfortable accommodations for visitors.

  9. The incredible views
  10. It’s hard to describe how stunning Lake Chelan looks from all angles. You’ll be treated to breathtaking views of mountains, forests, and the clear waters of the glacier-fed lake every single day.

  11. A diverse array of homes
  12. From waterfront homes to sprawling estates to deluxe condominiums located near the town center, you’ll find the right property that answers your needs.

In short, what awaits you in your Lake Chelan vacation home is a version of you at your most unhurried and relaxed, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Having your own private getaway in Lake Chelan will let you have the vacation of your dreams.

To find your dream Lake Chelan vacation home in Washington State, our team at Coldwell Banker Chelan will be happy to help you explore your options. Call 509.682.7777 or get in touch with us here.