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What You Need To Do Before Buying A Waterfront Home

What You Need To Do Before Buying A Waterfront Home

Owning a waterfront home means coming home to gorgeous views and enjoying a peaceful atmosphere that can’t be found anywhere else. Before you set your sights on areas like Lake Chelan waterfront property, make sure it is everything you want it to be and more.

Follow these great tips when searching the waterfront home of your dreams:

Look beyond the house

A common mistake buyers make when purchasing a waterfront home is not looking beyond the house itself. Aside from the actual structure, buying a waterfront home also means paying for the views, access to water, privacy, and more. You have to make sure the water surrounding the home is in good condition.

Remember, different waterfront homes offer different types of accessibility and recreation. It’s important that you choose a property that fits your lifestyle. If you want to use your property primarily for boating, research about water depths and general information about the body of water. You need to find out the quality of the water and if there are any potentially dangerous fish.

Know what you can build on your property

Municipalities impose their own sets of rules and regulations regarding what you can do and build on the water like boathouses and docks. Find out about the permits you would need if building any new or additional structures.

Often, waterfront communities have homeowners’ associations (HOA) that impose certain restrictions when it comes to building on the water and your home. There may be certain material you’re not allowed to use or a height requirement you need to meet. If there are already structures built on the property, don’t assume that these meet the requirements of the municipality and HOA. By not double checking structures, you might find yourself at a liability.

Get to know the neighborhood

When looking at neighborhoods, it’s always best to talk to potential neighbors who can give you an idea how it is living in the area. They can also tell you how tightly-knit the community is and how well the HOA is managed. You can also get some insights on potential problems you wouldn’t have known unless you were already living in the area.

The next-door neighbor of your potential property is going to be your best source of information for problems related to the property itself. They may have picked some information up from the previous owner or they may have been embroiled in certain issues pertaining to it. Best to know about these at the soonest to avoid the same issues all over again.

Get a home inspection

There are special issues confronted by waterfront homes compared with traditional homes. They’re more susceptible to water intrusion and could have problems with the septic system if they’re not connected to public sewers.

Remember to find a home inspector that specializes in waterfront homes. They’ll know what to look for in the house itself, the structures on the water, septic systems, and the like.

Hire a real estate agent who knows their waterfront properties

Real estate agents with an expertise on waterfront real estate have detailed knowledge not only on the properties but also on the communities where these properties are situated. A great agent can help you find a home that fits your lifestyle perfectly. They can also guide you through the different requirements, rules, and regulations that come with buying a waterfront home.

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