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Tips on selling your Lake Chelan waterfront property


This Lake Chelan home for sale plays up the star attraction

You might think a lake house sells itself, but there are plenty of ways to make your home even more attractive to buyers. After all, selling a lake house isn’t the same as marketing the usual suburban home.

If you’re preparing to sell lakefront property, here are some ideas you may want to consider:

Play up the lake

Washington State is home to some incredible bodies of water, putting rural Lake Chelan waterfront properties in high demand. It only makes sense that the lake view is the star of the show, so make sure to provide direct access from the house and maximize visibility from different points.

Photography and landscaping are your friends. Take photos during the sunset, trim the surrounding greenery, and keep the shoreline as pristine as possible. Pro tip: hiring a landscaper can make a world of difference.

Know your buyer

Are you envisioning your buyer as a family with school-age children or an affluent buyer looking to purchase a vacation home? Your market demographic will tell you everything you need to know about staging and pitching your lakefront home.

Showcase the lifestyle

Another reason buyers are attracted to lake homes is the lifestyle. Many want a quiet oasis away from the city, so it helps to play up that aspect of your property.

Mount a fishing set or canoe nearby if the lake allows for water activities. Set up a few chairs, beach umbrellas, and a barbecue grill to make the area even more enticing. In short, paint a clear picture of what living on the property looks like. Remember, you’re not only selling a house, but you’re also marketing a way of life.

Maximize curbside appeal

There’s a reason curb appeal is vital to selling houses. Think about the last time you walked past a stunning home that made your head turn – that’s what you want others to feel when they drive by your house.

When dealing with a lakefront, you’ll need to fix the traditional curbside and the waterfront. Both are equally vital.

A great way to assess the latter view is to get on a boat and look at the home from the vantage point of the water. From there, you’ll be able to spot areas of improvement.

You can further enhance curbside appeal by:

  • Cleaning up the driveway
  • Decorating the outdoor area
  • Beautifying the lake entryway
  • Removing eyesores
  • Planting lush pines and bushes
  • Repainting the deck

Choose the right real estate agent

Nothing beats hiring a real estate agent that specializes in selling waterfronts. It’s even better if they have prior experience putting up waterfront homes for sale in Washington’s Chelan area. The right agent can help correctly price your property. They also know your target market and competitors inside and out, providing valuable knowledge about the industry.

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