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Some of the best wineries in Lake Chelan Taste Tour 2022

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The Lake Chelan Taste Tour is an annual celebration of great food and fine wine — courtesy of some of the best producers in the area. More than 30 wineries are spread throughout the Chelan Valley. The grapes grown in this special environment are infused with rare minerals and nutrients (quartz, mica) from ice age glaciers that have long melted to form the pristine waters of Lake Chelan.

Celebrate the wine-growing tradition of Lake Chelan and explore the region’s best wineries at the Lake Chelan Taste Tour 2022. Here are some of the places you shouldn’t miss:

Tipsy Canyon Winery

While relatively new, this family-owned winery has quickly taken the spotlight for its award-winning bottles and gorgeous views of the hilly landscape surrounding the community of Manson. Tipsy Canyon Winery is owned and operated by Mark and Tami Garvin. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll across the Garvins’ beautiful vineyard, or explore the superb tasting room to discover a variety of wines and relax in the designated indoor/outdoor area.

Rio Vista Wines on the River

Rio Vista Wines has the notable distinction of being the only winery in the Chelan area that is directly adjacent to the water. This charming backdrop creates the perfect setting to enjoy some of the best wines in the valley. From the Rosé and Pinot Noir to Malbec, each bottle contains mesmerizing aromas and rich flavors. Visitors can book private functions to celebrate special events and weddings in a breathtaking location.

Vin Du Lac Winery

Up to this day, all grapes in Vin Du Lac are harvested by hand. Despite commercial success and new facilities since its first batch of wine bottles in 2002, this winery eschews mass production in favor of time-honored boutique production techniques. Within the vast Lehmbecker estate is a vineyard, winery, farm, and bistro. So aside from excellent wines, patrons can also enjoy delicious and healthy food created with freshly picked ingredients in the winery’s own backyard.

Lake Chelan Winery

The piece of land that would eventually become Lake Chelan Winery was once a thriving apple orchard. The collapse of the apple market in 1998 was a big economic blow to the owners and local farmers. However, that same year they decided to start anew and plant a vineyard. Fast forward to the present, Lake Chelan Winery would become one of the largest wineries serving award-winning bottles in the area. The winery’s prominent BBQ area is a favorite among locals.

Amos Rome Vineyards

Encompassing over 21 acres spread out across two properties (three miles apart from each other), Amos Rome Vineyards is one of the top-producing wineries in Lake Chelan. A variety of grapes go into the creation of top-tier wines like Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Riesling. Visitors can book an appointment to schedule a tour or reserve space for an outdoor function.

There’s more to the Chelan Valley than fine wine. It’s a fantastic region to live in and escape the hustle and bustle of urban life. Explore your home options here with experienced Realtors from Coldwell Banker Lake Chelan Properties. Contact the team at 509.682.7777 or send an email to info(at)cbchelan(dotted)com.