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Questions you should ask during a virtual home tour

What to ask during a Virtual Home Tour

Even today with in-person tours and open houses again becoming more frequent, many home buyers still ask for a virtual tour with only their agent physically present on the property. If you’re looking at Winthrop homes for sale, a virtual tour allows you to experience firsthand what it’s like to be inside a home without leaving your own home. This helps you narrow your choices conveniently and reduces the time you spend in looking at different houses.

During virtual tours, your agent will be your eyes, ears, and nose on the ground, so make sure to ask them about all the details that are important to you. We’ve compiled some questions to ask your agent while you’re on a virtual home tour:

7 Questions to ask during a virtual home tour

  • Did you notice any unusual smells?
    Ask your Realtor if they smell offensive odors, such as garbage, mold and mildew, cigarette smoke, or pet smells. Bad odors may indicate a bigger problem in the house.

  • What do you hear? What’s the ambient noise inside the house like?
    Ambient noise is important, especially if the property is on a busy street or near public places and establishments. Your audio equipment may not be able to pick up on these sounds, so make sure to ask your agent about them.
  • Do the floors make creaking noises?
    Creaky floors gives you an idea about the house’s condition in general, and may help you avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • How is the natural light inside the house?
    For many, the natural light a home gets is a deciding factor on whether to buy it. Your agent’s camera and your computer may not be able to show the natural lighting inside the house properly, so make sure to ask your Realtor and see if it suits your preference.
  • What do the back and front yards look like?
    Seeing the front and back yards will give you an idea about the home’s curb appeal and help you see if there are certain areas that need to be fixed.
  • What’s the view outside the windows?
    Curtains, blinds, and other obstacles may limit your vision of the outside. Make sure to ask your Realtor to show you the view from the windows, especially if the house is listed as having a view.
  • Are there any cracks or marks on the ceilings, walls, and floors?
    While your agent is not an inspector, they can point out cracks and marks on different surfaces as they give you a tour of the home. Seeing and knowing about these can help you decide if the house is worth bidding on and give you an idea on the possible repairs that need to be done once you move in.
  • Other questions you can ask

    Aside from the questions above, here are other questions you can ask your Realtor during a virtual home tour:

    • Does the house have a floor plan that can be viewed online?
    • What should we do if our internet connection becomes unstable during the virtual tour?
    • Can you record the tour so I can go over it later?
    • How old are the appliances and home systems?
    • Have any repairs been done lately?
    • Do you have other concerns about the property that I should be aware of?

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