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Decorating ideas for your lakefront getaway home


One of the things we look forward to when buying a house is decorating it to make it feel like home. And lakefront properties are no exception. With so many styles to consider, we rounded up a few lake house design tips that will turn your home into a sanctuary.

Add extra attention to the view

The beautiful lakefront scenery is one of the highlights of your home. We understand you would like to enjoy it even from inside the house.

Try to incorporate elements that enhance this lakeside view and pay attention to the details that will make it standout. This will cover a variety of things, from seating arrangements in living and dining spaces to window treatments that will maximize the vistas as well as natural light. The latter will make the most difference, however. Some options you might consider include roller shades, draperies, and shutters.

With the right window treatment, you will be able to appreciate the lake views from anywhere in the home without blinding each space with light.

Incorporate a rustic theme

Earthy tones like terracotta and brown, as well as materials like hardwood and driftwood can lend a rustic-coastal feel to your home. And you can achieve this look by incorporating accents, big and small. Consider exposed beams, stone fireplaces, and live-edge wood furniture. Add these elements strategically in each room to keep things organic instead of contrived. Plants in rattan holders or copper pots are also a nice touch that will liven up any space.

Include photos of loved ones to make it homier

Your lakefront home is centered around the idea of making long-lasting memories. And to inspire those warm feelings, decorate rooms with photos of you and your loved ones. Doing so will also help you personalize your home. Prop these photos on console tables or mantles. Additionally, you can dedicate a space in your home for a gallery wall.

Play around with fabrics and textures

Remember that it’s not just the choice of color that decides the atmosphere of a specific room or even the entire home. One way to add more depth and visual interest is by experimenting with different fabrics, textures, and finishes.

Consult with an interior designer as you explore different materials to see which ones work together and achieve your ideal look. And as you shop around, don’t focus on just the aesthetics. Consider wear, durability (especially if you will be living with children and pets), and your lifestyle preferences. Don’t worry— a pet-friendly rug, scratch-resistant counter finish, or water-resistant fabric can also be stylish.

Pick a calm palette

Your lakefront home is a retreat. Therefore, its color palette should contain shades that make you feel relaxed and most at peace. Neutrals are the easy way to go, but your choices are not limited to gray, creamy whites, and dusty blues. Visit a warehouse or paint store to see the full spectrum of your “neutral” options.

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