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5 Things to consider when buying a Lake Chelan luxury home

The pristine lake waters and awe-inspiring natural landscape are some of the top reasons why home buyers flock to Lake Chelan, Washington. With a premium lakefront location, you too can bask in the beauty of nature from the comfort of your own home.

As you explore homes for sale throughout Lake Chelan, there are a few key factors you should take into consideration.

#1 Shoreline specifics

If you’re looking to buy or build a home that sits right on the water, it’s important to know about shoreline characteristics.

Water levels throughout the year can change and algae growth may be a concern in some areas. You’ll want to take these details into account when you’re exploring potential home locations.

Additionally, local agencies and environmental organizations (e.g., Washington State Department of Ecology, Chelan Basin Conservancy) usually enforce strict rules for construction activities along the lakeshore. Being familiar with the regulations will prevent you from starting costly building projects that you may not be able to finish, or worse, that you’ll have to deconstruct once built.

#2 Your reasons for buying a waterfront property

How do you plan to make the most out of your waterfront home?

Will it be a home base for you to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, like fishing and backcountry exploring? Is a private boat and dock in the mix as well? Or, will it be mainly a family vacation home — a place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life once or twice a year?

Your answers to these questions will help you prioritize the traits (home design, location, size, luxury amenities, and the number of rooms) you’d like to see in your waterfront home.

The better you know your reasons for buying this type of home, the better you’ll be able to zone in on your ideal property.

#3 Soil type and sloping locations

A number of homes around Lake Chelan have a sloping location, offering you some of the best views in the area. If you’re planning to build your ideal waterfront home in such a location, you’ll need to ensure the soil can reliably support a home foundation.

You can hire an engineer to conduct tests on the site to get more specific details on soil composition. Depending on the type of soil you’re examining, you may need to do additional assessments.

#4 Detailed home inspections

If you think you’re close to finding the right waterfront home for your needs, see to it that you leave no stone unturned during the home inspection. Owing largely to their distinct environment, building or buying homes by the water needs more consideration and sometimes more care.

Professional inspectors will thoroughly check for wear and tear from the elements (e.g., moisture-rich air, water, wind). In addition, inspectors will also check for structural degradation and major soil loss.

If your agent points out information in the inspection report that may negatively affect your purchase decision, consider these details carefully and be prepared to move on to other listings if need be.

#5 An agent specializing in lakefront luxury properties

There are other factors to consider when choosing the right lakefront home that fits your tastes. If you’re exploring the real estate market in Lake Chelan, you should hire a knowledgeable agent who will serve as your expert guide.

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