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3 Steps Every Pet Owner Should Take on July 4th

Follow these three steps to avoid a stressful and potentially dangerous day for your four-legged friend.


More dogs go missing on July 4 than any other day of the year. –Dogtime

If pets could pick the one day they dread most (aside from their annual check up), chances are they would pick the Fourth of July. Follow these three steps to avoid a stressful and potentially dangerous day.

Let Them Stay Home Sweet Home

On July 4th, there is truly no place like home for your beloved furry friend. From loud fireworks to crowded BBQs, Independence Day can be a stressful day for your little buddy so it is best to keep them inside for the day. Of course, a quick potty break outside will be necessary but for the most part, inside is the safest place for them. It is also a good idea to ensure your pet’s ID tag is up to date in case they get spooked and get lost.

As the day winds down it may be tempting tobring yourpet with you to enjoy your

neighborhood fireworks display, but again, it is better to leave them at home. Not only will the event be incredibly loud but it will also most likely be crowded.

Create a Peaceful Place

Before you kick off your holiday festivities take some time to set up a little oasis for your pet. Shut all the windows to keep the noise out and try to shut the curtains as well. Leave the tv or radio on to keep the noise of fireworks in the distance. Last, but not least, leave them with something to do.

We know our pets love a good snooze but chances are they aren’t going to sleep the day away. Put out some of their favorite toys. For pups, recommends leaving out a frozen Kong toy with treats.

Avoid These Poisons

There are several things that make the Fourth of July great for humans but incredibly dangerous for pets. Here are some items to be especially careful with per PetMD:

  • Lighter fluid and matches
  • Oils, candles, insect coils and other citronella-based repellants
  • Table food (especially chocolate)
  • Glow jewelry
  • Alcohol