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2022 interior design trends

2022 interior design trends

Bring the outside in

2022 has seen exciting new interior design trends emerge and styles we’ve seen before making a comeback. From bold and adventurous to reimagining 1970s classics, there is a lot to check out this year.

If you are looking for ideas when decorating your home, check out the best 2022 interior design trends listed below:

1970s retro classics

Seventies vintage makes a comeback in 2022 with a palette of terracotta, sage, and mustard matched with highly textured fabrics like leather or corduroy for sofas.

Furnishings follow suit with rounded cabinets, and curved sofas and chairs creating a soft overall look. Expect the new vintage to offer a modernized twist to keep it chic.

Dining tables and chairs will come in fine-grained teak or white oak. Wooden accents will match the furniture.

Bringing nature indoors

As homeowners bring nature into their homes, expect to see the generous use of natural or organic materials. Bamboo or wooden furnishings have a down-to-earth vibe while aspiring for a Zen atmosphere. Also, the use of travertine, terracotta, marble, and other types of stone is becoming popular as backsplashes and accent material.

In addition to natural materials, a lot of homeowners are introducing even more greenery to their interiors. Like any good home accessory, indoor plants help elevate a room’s aesthetic and add to its overall atmosphere. When decorating, choose plants to accentuate the features of the home.

Warm chocolate hues

Rich earthy tones are in vogue this year. Chocolate browns, terracotta, caramel accents, and other warm hues are now prominent. This palette is not limited to accent walls, but show up in other items such as drapes, rugs, and linens.

The move to more solid and darker tones suggests a more comfortable homey atmosphere while maintaining the elegance and sophistication that homeowners want. This trend is a complete deviation from the light, delicate pastels, and neutral color palettes that we have seen previously.

Bold maximalism

Forget minimalist chic, the aesthetic in 2022 is loud, vibrant, colorful, maximalist. You will see a lot of patterns, textures, fabrics mixed and matched with abandon. The more adventurous, the better. Bold maximalism is all about more being more.

As this style can easily overwhelm, it is vital to keep things balanced. Match bright colored fabrics with bold statement art and furniture pieces. Or mix complementing patterns to give your home a bold but cohesive look.

Whether you are redecorating your current home or designing a new one from scratch, let these 2022 interior design trends be your guide to new design inspirations. Mix, match, and experiment to find the style that fits your home and your lifestyle perfectly.

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