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Tips on buying new construction homes in Chelan, WA


While it takes more effort to build a new home rather than buy an existing one, the rewards can be great. Uppermost, is that you get to design your property exactly the way you see fit so that it perfectly matches your vision. If you’re buying land in Lake Chelan, that means taking full advantage of the beautiful landscape and creating a truly beautiful home.

There are however, some considerations, and some advice we’d like to share with you before you begin your search in earnest.

  1. Find a buyer’s agent who specializes in new construction
  2. Though it may sound self-serving, to ensure that your real estate transaction succeeds, look for a real estate agent who specializes in new homes. There are many Lake Chelan Realtors who specialize in this type of property, but choose one who has extensive experience and has a track record of delivering for their clients.

    Buying a new construction home directly from the builder may also be an option, however this does entail having to deal with people who don’t work for you. A builder’s obligation lies with the property developer. A realtor works in your best interests. Not only will they handle all dealings with the various third parties but you can use them to find the best location, find a lender, manage the timeline, choose upgrades, inspect the house, and negotiate the contract.

  3. Building essentials
  4. If you buy undeveloped land, the house you build is unlikely to be connected to a water supply, even if one is close. You will also need to install some form of septic system, unless a homesite is already connected to a sewer. The type of septic system varies depending on the number of people who will live in the home. There’s also the power to consider, how will you get electricity to your home? Luckily, Lake Chelan makes it easy to apply to fit electrical services to your new construction.

  5. Get connected
  6. While buying land and building a home in Lake Chelan provides the opportunity for seclusion and privacy, you’ll still want to make sure that you’re not totally disconnected. Maybe you’ll need fast and reliable internet for work purposes. Again, Lake Chelan makes it easy for home builders, providing a good selection of ISPs throughout Chelan county who deliver fiber internet.

  7. Making the most of a waterfront home
  8. If you’ve bought a piece of land along a stretch of water with the intention of building a waterfront home, it would be a shame not to maximize your investment. Make inquiries on whether a dock can be installed allowing you to moor your boat. What you’ll need to be aware of are any regulations in your area or planning permissions required. If all is well on that front, it’s simply a question of whether the shoreline can or be made to support a dock.

    Build your dream home with Coldwell Banker Lake Chelan Properties

    Taking on the task of building a new home can be an exciting but also overwhelming experience. Get the assistance you need to make your home construction in Chelan a success. Call Coldwell Banker Lake Chelan Properties at 509.682.7777 or send an email.