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5 ways to make your home feel like an outdoor oasis

outdoor oasis

Spending time in nature is a known balm for the soul. We relish being surrounded by trees, fresh air, and an open sky, so it’s no wonder outdoorsy homes are prevalent.

Introducing natural elements can transform any structure into a relaxing sanctuary. There’s more to it than adding a variety of houseplants, although that’s a great start. Here are some of our favorite ways to greenify your living space:

  1. Stick to an earthy color scheme
  2. First, decide on an earth-toned color palette that matches your taste. Depending on what you like, there are hundreds of nature-inspired palettes to play around with.

    Want to bring the forest with you? Embellish the space with forest greens and burnt umbers. If you’re more partial to the beachside, employ coastal colors like light and airy blues, whites, tans, and even muted yellows.

  3. Frame your views
  4. When you look out your window, would you rather see lush greenery or a barren landscape? A window that looks out onto a vibrant alfresco is one of the best ways to invite nature into your home, so make sure the view is perfect.

  5. Jump on elemental textures and patterns
  6. Outdoor-themed home decor is a great starting point to curating your indoor oasis. Aside from growing snake plants or a variety of philodendrons, consider adding elemental decor. Sprinkle crystals and gems here and there, or add dried flowers for color.

    Larger pieces like earthenware, stone jars, and organic textiles can add depth to the space. The main idea is to focus on earthy textures and patterns to nail the nature-inspired look.

    Another way to mimic the outdoors is by adding scents into the mix – incense for the woodsy feel or fresh, tropical fragrances to conjure the beachside.

  7. Stay grounded with natural flooring
  8. Ditch the artificial flooring and go natural for an instant connection with the outdoors. Hardwood, bamboo, and cork are all great options, and they’re environmentally friendly, too. Old stone is perfect if you’re going for the rustic yet refined look.

  9. Let in natural light
  10. If there’s any room that earns the title of indoor oasis, it’s the sunroom. What could be more replenishing than an afternoon spent lounging under the sun?

    But even without one, you can still maximize corners of your house that get natural light. Any cavern can be transformed into a sunny abode by opening up your curtains during the day. Placing a comfortable chair by a window or glass wall is an easy way to get enough warmth.

    Expansive windows make a room less stuffy and more open, so consider adding them to closed-off areas of the house.

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